Saturday, 31 July 2010

Exciting new Shakespears Sister releases in the pipeline!

Siobhan has revealed on her official website that a DVD is soon to be released of the videos from 'Songs From The Red Room'. Check out the artwork:

This is the tracklisting:

1. Bad Blood (Director's Cut)
2. Bad Blood (Standard Version)
3. Pulsatron
4. Pulsatron (Whitey Version)
5. Hot Room
6. It's A Trip
7. It's A Trip (Apollo Mix)
8. I'll Be Your Mirror
9. Heroine

Bonus Features:
Songs From The Red Room (Album Advert)
Shakespears Sister 2010 UK Tour Advert

Release date to be confirmed.

Siobhan has also unveiled plans for a deluxe package featuring a live CD and DVD, a book of her own art and self portraits and a T-shirt designed by Siobhan herself (who is now turning her hand to designing!). Take a look at one of Siobhan's self-portraits:

Very exciting news I must say!!!

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